9 Best Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Bichon Frise - Cover Image

9 Best Questions To Ask Before You Buy A Bichon Frise

I’m sure you’ll agree with me when I say that owning a Bichon Frise, like owning any dog, is a big commitment. Making sure you can properly look after your new pupper is something that requires a lot of time and patience so you want to make sure you are properly considering everything before you buy a Bichon Frise.

7 Reasons Doggy Day Care Is Beneficial - Cover Image

7 Of The Best Reasons Doggy Day Care Is Beneficial For Your Bichon

I have been taking my Bichon Frise to doggy day care since she was a puppy and she absolutely loves it. So when someone asked me what exactly the benefits are with sending a dog to doggy day care, I could think of one or two things to say but not much more. After that conversation, I decided to do a little research into this topic to try and find some more answers.

How Much Does A Bichon Frise Cost - Ultimate Guide - Cover Image

How Much Does A Bichon Frise Cost? Ultimate Guide

Finding out how much a Bichon Frise costs is incredibly important to know before you buy a new Bichon puppy. Without knowing the average cost of a Bichon Frise in your area, you could be taken advantage of by puppy farms who are trying to overcharge you. By simply learning the average price for this breed of dog in your area, you will be much more equipped to buy a Bichon. You will also be much more vigilant when it comes to looking through puppy listings. This will all lead you that much closer to finding your new best friend.

7 Pros and Cons of A Bichon Frise Mix Breed - Cover Image

7 Helpful Pros And Cons Of A Bichon Frise Mix Breed You Need To Know

Bichon Frise mix breeds, or crossbreeds as they are also known, have become very popular and sought after over the last number of years. Having recently compiled a list of the top Bichon Frise mix breeds, this made me wonder about the most important advantages and disadvantages of a Bichon Frise mix breed. With this question in mind, I set about doing some research into this area to learn more.