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275 Awesome Bichon Frise Dog Names To Give You Inspiration


Choosing the perfect name for your new dog can be an agonizing decision to make. You want it to be unique but easy to understand and well suited to your dog.

The last thing you want is to decide on a name that you later come to regret.

That’s why in this article we’re going to cover a whole host of different Bichon Frise dog names you can choose from.

I’ll also share with you some simple tips for choosing the best name for your Bichon.

Don’t worry if you don’t own a Bichon Frise as this list can be used for any type of dog.

Stay tuned to the end of the article where I share with you a super easy to use dog name generator to make the process more fun.

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How Do You Choose A Dog’s Name?

Picking a name for your puppy can seem like an arduous task with no right answer.

Choosing the right name for your dog is super important and shouldn’t be decided upon on a whim: Why Your Dog’s Name Matters.

Fear not though as I’ve put together these simple to follow tips that will narrow down your search for the best dog name.

Follow the steps below and then scroll down through the different dog names listed below to make a shortlist of names.

Then spend some time with these names and after a few hours or days, make the final decision.

Rules For Selecting A Dog’s Name

1 Pick A Name That Ends With A Vowel Sound – The inflection and tone of your voice will be something the dog can easily pick up on. By choosing a name that ends with a vowel sound like “Molly” or “Scully” for example, you’ll get their attention easily.

2 Don’t Pick A Name With More Than 2 Syllables – The idea with this tip is that it ensures you pick something that is quick to say but still understandable. Something overcomplicated will never be understood by your dog and you may even forget it!

3 Pick A Name You’ll Be Comfortable Saying Out Loud – This is some really important advice I’m about to share with you. Make sure you choose a name you would be comfortable shouting out loud across a park. This is a good indicator of if you’ve chosen a good name or not. If you’re not comfortable sharing your dog’s name with strangers, you should be hearing warning bells in your head.

4 Pick A Name That’s Different From Your Other Pets – While this might seem obvious, things could get confusing if you have 2 dogs called Spot for instance. Choose a name that sounds very different from your other pets and also other family members.

5 Stick With The Name You’ve Chosen – The most important thing you can do to ensure the name resonates with you and your dog is to stick with that name. Changing a dog’s name months or years down the road will be super confusing for your dog.

Male or Female?

An obvious way of determining the best name for your dog is based on their gender.

Male and female dogs will usually end up having different names. Of course, this is not always the case. In fact, you may not even consider this as a factor.

With that said, this is something worth looking at to narrow down your search for that perfect name.

Their Personality

Consider the personality of your dog and how their name might reflect that.

You’ll most likely want to have your name picked out even before you bring home your puppy so in that case, it’s a good idea to look to the breed as a whole.

The Bichon is a friendly and sociable dog that loves being the center of attention. With that in mind, a name like Murphy or Daisy would be great.

If you can, spend some time with your puppy before giving him/her a name. That way you’ll see their personality for yourself and then you can decide on the perfect name.

Bichon Frise Dog Names

Female Bichon Frise Dog Names

Here is a list of some of the most adorable female dog names that you can choose from:

  1. Abby
  2. Addison
  3. Anna
  4. Annabelle
  5. Belle
  6. Bonnie
  7. Charlotte
  8. Charlie
  9. Daisy
  10. Delilah
  11. Ella
  12. Fergie
  13. Frankie
  14. Grace
  15. Hana
  16. Hazel
  17. Holly
  18. Ivy
  19. Izzy
  20. Kayla
  21. Kylie
  22. Lady
  23. Layla
  24. Lulu
  25. Millie

Male Bichon Frise Dog Names

Take a look at these fun male dog names for your inspiration:

  1. Ajax
  2. Apollo
  3. Austin
  4. Bailey
  5. Baxter
  6. Beau
  7. Benji
  8. Brody
  9. Charlie
  10. Coco
  11. Cooper
  12. Dexter
  13. Duke
  14. Eddie
  15. Frankie
  16. Gizmo
  17. Hunter
  18. Jack
  19. Jasper
  20. Kane
  21. Kenzo
  22. Murphy
  23. Oliver
  24. Oreo
  25. Oscar

Cool Dog Names

Want a super cool dog name? Here is the list for you:

  1. Ace
  2. Aspen
  3. Angel
  4. Bailey
  5. Bear
  6. Cash
  7. Cody
  8. Dakota
  9. Dash
  10. Diesel
  11. Dixie
  12. Finley
  13. Finn
  14. Gulliver
  15. Gunner
  16. Harley
  17. Harper
  18. Hershey
  19. Hiro
  20. Jackson
  21. Jake
  22. Jax
  23. Jewel
  24. Kai
  25. Vader

Cute Dog Names

You’ll love picking a dog name from this cute dog names list:

  1. Allie
  2. Annie
  3. Bluebell
  4. Brady
  5. Buster
  6. Champ
  7. Cherry
  8. Joey
  9. Jolene
  10. Josie
  11. Kiki
  12. Kiko
  13. Lexi
  14. Lily
  15. Marshmallow
  16. Rocky
  17. Rosie
  18. Sasha
  19. Shelby
  20. Sparky
  21. Sprout
  22. Tillie
  23. Toby
  24. Violet
  25. Winnie

Funny Dog Names

Sometimes we all just need a bit of fun in our lives. With that in mind, here are the best funny dog names you can choose from:

  1. Albus
  2. Apple
  3. Baby
  4. Bamm-Bamm
  5. Bandit
  6. Biscuit
  7. Boots
  8. Boris
  9. Buzz
  10. Caramel
  11. Chico
  12. Elvis
  13. Finnegan
  14. Flower
  15. Frodo
  16. Goose
  17. Juju
  18. Sushi
  19. Teddy
  20. Waffles
  21. Wasabi
  22. Xena
  23. Yoda
  24. Yoshi
  25. Ziggy

Unique Dog Names

Having a unique dog name will make your dog stand out from the crowd. Here is a list of unique dog names you can choose from:

  1. Amos
  2. Archie
  3. Arya
  4. Aspen
  5. Buster
  6. Bean
  7. Cricket
  8. Damon
  9. Dinkie
  10. Duggie
  11. Dustin
  12. Ellie
  13. Ember
  14. Etta
  15. Jasmine
  16. Jax
  17. Kendall
  18. Luna
  19. Neo
  20. Pluto
  21. Sappho
  22. Trixie
  23. Moxxy
  24. Wes
  25. Zoe

Irish Dog Names

These classic Irish dog names are a great idea:

  1. Bailey
  2. Bran
  3. Cadie
  4. Cael
  5. Chance
  6. Clover
  7. Conan
  8. Finley
  9. Finn
  10. Finnegan
  11. Flynn
  12. Keely
  13. Keeva
  14. Lia
  15. Lucky
  16. Molly
  17. Murphy
  18. Nola
  19. Riley
  20. Rogan
  21. Rory
  22. Saoirse
  23. Seamus
  24. Shannon
  25. Sheena

German Dog Names

Fancy a German dog name? Here is the list for you:

  1. Ada
  2. Addie
  3. Adler
  4. Alaric
  5. Albern
  6. Albert
  7. Ballard
  8. Barret
  9. Bruno
  10. Claus
  11. Clovis
  12. Dedrick
  13. Dieter
  14. Dino
  15. Duxi
  16. Ella
  17. Ellard
  18. Ferdinand
  19. Gabby
  20. Garin
  21. Hansell
  22. Heinz
  23. Ido
  24. Jarvis
  25. Lola

French Dog Names

Thinking about a French dog name? Here is the list for you:

  1. Amé
  2. André
  3. Aubin
  4. Beau
  5. Bebe
  6. Bijou
  7. Chantal
  8. Cosette
  9. Élodie
  10. Fleur
  11. Franco
  12. Gaston
  13. Hugo
  14. Jacques
  15. Leon
  16. Marcel
  17. Mathilde
  18. Monique
  19. Pascal
  20. Renée
  21. Sabine
  22. Serge
  23. Theo
  24. Tristan
  25. Vivien

Spanish Dog Names

Maybe a Spanish dog name is more suitable. Here is a list of Spanish dog names to choose from:

  1. Armando
  2. Benito
  3. Chico
  4. Diego
  5. Domingo
  6. Esmerelda
  7. Fernando Flor
  8. Fresca
  9. Inca
  10. Inez
  11. Lubo
  12. Luna
  13. Maya
  14. Nacho
  15. Nina
  16. Paloma
  17. Paco
  18. Pedro
  19. Rosa
  20. Santo
  21. Sonora
  22. Taco
  23. Toro
  24. Valencia
  25. Zorro

Japanese Dog Names

Japanese dog names might be more your style. Here is a list of Japanese dog names to choose from:

  1. Adzuki (red bean)
  2. Aki (spring)
  3. Akira (intelligent)
  4. Amaya (night rain)
  5. Asami (morning beauty)
  6. Emi (blessing)
  7. Hana (flower)
  8. Haru (sunlight)
  9. Kimi (noble)
  10. Kurumi (walnut)
  11. Masumi (clarity)
  12. Megumi (blessing)
  13. Miyu (gentle)
  14. Momo (peach)
  15. Nori (seaweed)
  16. Pochi (name like Spot)
  17. Rina (jasmine)
  18. Ryuu (dragon)
  19. Shinju (pearl)
  20. Sora (sky)
  21. Tadao (loyal)
  22. Toshiko (clever)
  23. Yuki (good fortune)
  24. Yumi (beautiful)
  25. Yuri (lily)
Bichon Frise Dog Names

Bichon Frise Dog Names Generator

If you’ve made it this far but still haven’t made up your mind on the perfect dog name, then fear not.

Why not take a look at the Best Dog Names Random Dog Name Generator which I’ve made especially for all of you lovely readers.

Simply click the link to try it out: Best Dog Names Random Dog Name Generator


So there you have it, by now you should be able to have the perfect name picked out for your new pooch.

If not, why not go back into the dog name generator and try your luck with some more names.

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