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3 Best Dog Pet Gates For A Bichon Frise

As dog owners, there may be places that your dog isn’t allowed in your home. Maybe the kitchen is off limits when the dinner is being cooked. Or maybe your dog isn’t allowed upstairs. This is a reasonable thing to consider when you’re a dog owner.

However, the difficult part becomes how to enforce this behavior with your dog. That’s where something like a dog pet gate comes in.

You may find it strange to repurpose what was designed as a baby gate into a gate for your dog but trust me, many people do just that. This is such a popular usage for this piece of equipment that there are purpose built gates especially for pets.

This article will look at the best options for dog pet gates for a Bichon Frise including the best overall option, best budget option, as well as the best mesh dog pet gate.

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Best Overall Dog Pet Gate For A Bichon Frise

#1 Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate

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The best overall option for a dog pet gate, in my opinion, is the Carlson Extra Wide Walk Through Pet Gate.

It has an extra-wide design that is perfect for openings between 29 – 36.5″ wide. This is ideal for stairways or hallways. As well as this, also included is a 4″ wide extension kit to suit a wide variety of spaces.

In terms of height this dog pet gate measures 30.5″ tall. This is ideal for a Bichon Frise and in fact most other small to medium sized dogs.

The simple white steel design is minimal and should suit any space while still remaining functional.

The sturdy metal frame this dog pet gate is made from ensures it’s durable and long-lasting.

It should sit easily in a hallway, doorway, or at the bottom of the stairs with its pressure mount design that wont damage your walls.

It requires no tools to set up and you can take it out of the packaging and have it assembled within minutes.

Something unique about this dog pet gate in particular is the small pet door that’s included in the design.

This allows smaller animals like perhaps cats to move through the gate while still preventing larger dogs from getting out.

This pet door is 8″ x 8″ so it’s highly likely a small puppy would fit through so keep this in mind if you intend to leave it open. The small pet door is lockable though so if you don’t need it then your pet wont be able to sneak out.

Best Budget Dog Pet Gate For A Bichon Frise

#2 North States MyPet Paws 40″ Portable Pet Gate

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If you’re looking for a more budget friendly option for a dog pet get, then look no further than the North States MyPet Paws 40″ Portable Pet Gate.

This is an ideal dog pet gate in terms of it’s portability and convenience.

It’s simple but durable plastic design requires no tools in order to assemble so you can easily take this with you and use it in any room of the house, or in fact any home you are in.

Simply expand the gate to the desired width and lock the gate in place with the locking handle to ensure there is enough tension to hold the gate in place.

The gate also features rubber bumpers to protect walls or surfaces it attaches to so you wont have to worry about scuffing the walls or doorframes.

The gate itself measures 23″ in height and in terms of width, this pet gate will fit between openings of 26″ to 40″ wide.

This is ideal for doorways, hallways, or at the bottom of the stairs.

Best Mesh Dog Pet Gate For A Bichon Frise

#3 EasyBaby Products Indoor Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate

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Another option for a dog pet gate is a mesh option such as the EasyBaby Products Indoor Outdoor Retractable Baby Gate.

A mesh dog pet gate creates a different aesthetic in your home which some may find preferable to a gate like design with bars.

Additionally, a mesh dog pet gate ensures even the smallest of pets can’t squeeze through and escape!

This gate requires some installation as it is actually mounted to the wall which is different to the other dog pet gates we’ve looked at so far.

With that said though, once it is set up and in place you can easily slide over and lock the gate into place when in use.

The great thing about this option for a dog pet gate is that when it’s not in use, you can completely retract it which is very tidy and really space efficient.

In terms of the dimensions of this dog pet gate, it is 33″ tall and fits openings up to 55″ wide.

The excellent thing about this design is that it will easily fit to any opening up to 55″ and you won’t need to worry about extenders or other equipment to alter the size.


Thank you sincerely for reading this article. Hopefully, from reading this article you realize the usefulness of a dog pet gate for your dog. I also hope you were able to find a dog pet gate to suit your needs.

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